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  • No call out charges

  • Response time often 1 hour or less.

  • 24 hour / 7 days per week service.

  • Fixed price regardless of time required.

  • If we don’t clear the blockage. You do not pay.


24 hour callout

7 Days A Week

365 Days A Year

Around the clock our teams of skilled operatives manage and implement the best solution to reinstate any drain in the shortest time possible with minimum disruption.




Solving any drainage failure

Waste water can be halted from draining away by oils or fats poured down sinks, alien objects, earth, dirt or vegetation washed into gullies. Sometimes more serious structural failures can occur to your drains from subsidence, collapse from building settling or tree roots breaking the drainage pipe apart. With all the years experience and expertise the 247 Drainage engineers have you can relax knowing we can solve any drainage failure.

Trained and Prepared

247 Drainage engineers are available 24 hours and 7 days per week. They are also trained and retrained to the highest standards so we can guarantee you get the best result. All our vans are also equipped with state of the art machinery and technology so that we are ready. Whether the drain requires jet cleaning, rod work or CCTV exploration, we’re set to win every time.

No Hidden Charges

At 247 Drainage we don’t believe in over charging or charging for work that isn’t required. For this reason we don’t impose any call out fees and if we can’t solve the problem then you don’t pay. Further more we have a simple pricing structure so we can give you a free quotation over the phone and if you are not completely happy with our service well give you your money back.

Your Safety is Vital

You and your family’s safety is vital to us so our engineers are trained to minimize the health risks associated with carrying out drainage works. Back splash from jetting is controlled, when required areas are cordoned off and we thoroughly sanitize any effected areas. Above all we only tackle a drain blockage once our strict safety checks are passed.


A blocked sink or toilet drain can cause havoc to your days routine.


Before contacting us we advise you read our DIY advice below.


Drains where never designed to cope with the large quantities of modern products being flushed down them. Items such as baby wipes, tampons, nappies and other materials often quickly cause major drain blockages.


A blocked sink drain can stop your business running and a blocked sewer can cause waste water to back up quickly, causing smells and overflowing toilets internally in your property. These need to be rectified immediately.


For free consultancy or a quotation to solve any drainage problem please fill in our form and we will reply to you within 1 business hour.



At 247 Drainage we want you to be as self sufficient as possible, many blockages can be cleared or prevented by following a few simple steps. Please read our DIY advice articles to be sure that you need our services before calling us.