Teamology 247 to end domestic sewage spillages in to Brighton Sea

In May 2015 Teamology will officially announce and sponsor the Crystal Clear Campaign.

Dan Warburton has taken on the commitment to lead Teamology 247 to amend every property drainage misconnection found across the UK initially commencing the campaign to cover the city of Brighton and Hove. For just £29 the campaign will offer the property owner professional inspection of their properties drainage, a certificate and where required provide the solution to solve any drainage found to be ‘misconnected’ at no further cost.

A property with a misconnected drain means that the waste water from these properties which contains human faecies (untreated sewege), toxic cleaning fluids and used sanitary items does not correctly drain away to sewerage treatment works but rather is incorrectly drained away in to near by streams, rivers and often the sea.

A statement taken from Mark Cordner who is a local drainage expert also working with Teamology 247 said. “On average we would clear the drains for one hundred properties per month in rural areas of Hertfordshire and we discovered that out of these properties 1 to 2 properties of them had their drainage misconnected to send raw sewage in to the rain water drainage systems. These mis-connected drains we usually found on properties that have had extensions, bathrooms moved, or been converted from houses in to flats. For this reason I would expect the percentage of properties to have mis-connected drainage in the Brighton & Hove area to be even higher due to the higher number of properties converted from houses to flats.”

Initially the campaign will cover the city of Brighton and Hove which currently consists of 114,479 households. From research Teamology 247 believes as many as 2290 of these households properties have had their sewage and/or domestic drainage miss-connected which would mean that tons of untreated sewerage from these households is currently being drained away in to our local sea.

The Teamology 247 members are currently preparing for the campaign and aim to be working with local MP’s to solve the issue. More news on the Crystal Clear Campaign progress to follow shortly.