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A blocked toilet is the source of endless nightmares for anyone who has not encountered it before. As the water level rises, so do frustration levels. Rather than allowing your blocked toilet to disturb your budget and emotional balance, take heed of these tips to try clearing away the clog in no time. Never be left asking how to unblock a toilet after reading our handy advice. A toilet plunger is an invaluable tool when trying to fix a blocked toilet, however if you don’t have one there is still hope. Before you attempt any of the methods listed below, it would be wise to prepare your toilet area first. Place newspapers or old towels on the floor surrounding your toilet or you will have quite a mess to deal with after!

Dishwashing Liquid and Hot Water to Unclog a Toilet

Many blockages around the home are the result of a build-up of grime, rather than a physical obstruction. The next time that your toilet is blocked, try liberally squirting some dishwashing liquid into your toilet. Pour in about half a gallon of hot water, no hotter than water would be for boiling tea. Allow this to settle for about ten minutes before flushing. With a bit of luck, your toilet will be unblocked. If not, it’s time to turn to baking soda and vinegar.

Baking Soda & Vinegar for Blockages

Add one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar to your toilet bowl. Allow this to settle for up to five minutes before adding half a gallon of hot water. Ensure that the water is no hotter than water would be for tea, as scalding temperatures will crack your toilet bowl. When pouring the hot water into your toilet, pour from waist level to add the extra force that may be necessary to unclog the blockage. Give your toilet a flush and hopefully the problem will be gone. Physical blockages or tough grime may need a tougher cleaning agent or method. How to clear a blocked toilet which won’t respond to the treatments above? Try caustic soda.

Caustic Soda and Blockages

Caustic soda is a very strong cleaning agent which is also extremely volatile. As soon as it mixes with water, caustic fumes will rise which you must not inhale in the slightest. Buy a box or tub of caustic soda, it is rather inexpensive, and empty it into your toilet, closing the lid immediately. Allow the toilet to stay closed overnight, for at least twelve hours. Afterwards give your toilet a flush and any non-physical obtrusions would simply have melted away. If there is still some of a block, then it is likely that you need to look for an actual obstruction.

How to Unblock a Toilet with a Mop

Firstly, find yourself a strong plastic bag that will not rip easily. Attach the bag to the mop head firmly. Cable ties work well to secure the bag. If you are worried about the bag tearing, then double bag. Begin to slowly force the mop down the toilet, it will not go down easily. As soon as the mop head has been forced under the back-most section, move the mop up and down to create suction. After a few tries you should find that your toilet will unblock. If not, then you may be asking how to unblock a toilet blocked this badly. All you need is a wire, a coat hanger or a toilet snake.

How to Unblock Toilet Blockages with a Coat Hanger

Begin by unravelling and straightening a coat hanger. Wrap a thick cloth or rag around one end of the wire. Duct tape works wonderfully to keep it in place. Don a pair of rubber gloves and insert the coat hanger from the rag-wrapped side into the toilet bowl. Slowly manoeuvre it into the drain, twisting as you go to assist the removal of any blockage. If you can’t feel anything causing the clogged toilet, then it may be out of reach and a longer wire needed. Once you feel that you have cleared the block, remove the wire and flush your toilet. If the water drains slowly, then you have done nothing other than move the blockage further into the pipe. A longer wire or toilet snake may be needed.

How to Unblock a Toiletwith a Toilet Plunger

A conventional cup shaped plunger is not really suited to unblocking a toilet. It is best to buy one specifically for unblocking toilets if the issue arises. Most are rather inexpensive. If using a toilet plunger, start with a gentle plunge ensuring that the bell fills with air. Once filled with air, rigorously plunge forcing the air out of the bell. Always make sure that you maintain the seal while plunging and enough water must stay in the bowl to submerge the plunger. After a few tries your toilet should be clear.

How to Clear a Blocked Toilet with a Toilet Snake

An even better tool for unblocking toilets is a toilet snake. This elongated apparatus is the perfect tool for unblocking a toilet but is slightly more expensive that a toilet plunger. It works in a similar manner but allows you to reach blockages far into the drainage system. Press the toilet snake’s end into the toilet drain, feeding the wire gently to not damage the pipe or toilet. Once a few inches in, slowly turn the crank. As you reach the blockage it will become harder to turn. Wiggle the snake back and forth until the clog is clear. Slowly remove the snake. For bad blockages it make take a few tries before your toilet is unblocked.

Vacuum Cleaner Unblocking Method

If you have tried plunging and drain cleaners without any success, then you may need to give a wet / dry vacuum cleaner a try. Empty all water from the toilet bowl using the wet suction of the vacuum cleaner. Before you can suck out the blockage, you need to get rid of all the water. Once all of the water is gone, press the hose without an attachment on deeply into the toilet’s drain. It is best to wrap an old towel on thick piece of material around the hose so that a seal is created around the drain. Switch the vacuum on and press down on the towel which is creating the seal around the drain. After a few minutes, and with a bit of luck, your toilet blockage should be sucked straight out.

It May Take Effort, But Clearing Out Odour is Essential

A blocked toilet will begin to smell horrible, and quickly! Starting as just an annoyance, your blocked toilet will accrue odour over time and as it does so this is an indication that your blockage itself is becoming worse. Rather address the problem immediately and save yourself the hassle of having to resort to the more taxing solutions presented for unblocking a badly blocked toilet.