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Please be aware that the following content is for information only and gives guidance in how to clear a drainage blockage your self. Please ensure you use the correct tools and are wearing the protective clothing as indicated before attempting any of these instructions.


Washing grease and waste food off cooking utensils and down in to the waste drainage system is one of the main causes of household and commercial property drainage blockages. A lot of these blockages can be avoided by simply buying and fitting in a place a drain gate before washing up. A drain gate can be purchased from most supermarkets or hardware stores and is simply a perforated sheet of plastic or steel cut in to shape to cover the drainage outlet in your sink.

This stops a lot of waste food being washed down the waste water outlet while allowing the water to drain away. Once washing up is completed and the water has drained away its simple to clean the sink and dispose of the remaining contents in to the household waste thus avoiding such substances clogging up your properties waste water drainage pipes. This work is minimized further still if plates are properly scraped clear of waste food before washing them clean or placing them in the dish washer.

Rain water guttering blockage prevention

Guttering is designed to catch then carry rain water away from roof tops therefore it is very important to maintain rain water gutters and down pipes clear of obstructions otherwise they will likely overflow. If this happens the rainwater can run down the sides of your property which can then saturate the brickwork of your property. Eventually this water can work it’s way in to your property causing costly water damage. The best way to avoid this is to keep near by trees and especially Ivy type plants regularly trimmed back so that the leaves don’t fall in to the gutters.

Another cause for rain water guttering down pipes to become blocked is because of sea gulls littering roof tops with waste food items such as chicken bones. These then get washed in to the gutters and then in to the down pipes. Following this debris then build up on top of the waste food items causing severe blockages. The best way to avoid this is to ensure your properties parapet wall tops and chimney tops are fitted with good quality bird spikes. These spikes will deter such birds from landing on your properties roof top and thus avoid them dropping such litter which can block the guttering.