Most blocked baths and showers can be easily fixed with a mixture of slow and steady perseverance, patience, and a little understanding of how the construction and drainage of these systems work. Here is a step by set guide, full of useful tips for hands on, determined home owners.

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You will need:

  • Protective glasses and gloves
  • A dish cloth
  • Some baking soda and white vinegar
  • Some soda crystals
  • A washing-up bowl or a bucket
  • A plunger
  • A coat hanger
  • An old toothbrush or long thin implement to push out any gross debris
  • Some old towels to soak up any excess liquids/mess
  • A bucket

DISCLAIMER: When using strong, dangerous chemicals, please take necessary precautions when using these substances – make sure you use protective clothing, gloves and eyewear.

Simple Bathtub Drainage Pipe Cleaning – FLUSHING METHOD

1: Use a large ladle to spoon out the excess water. If there is lots of water in the sink basin, remove it with a ladle and bucket until there is just enough to cover the the plug hole.

2: Clean the immediate plughole – unscrew the plug itself and inspect it for foreign debris and grime.

3: To decipher the seriousness of your blockage, first take a non-hazardous natural mixture of 1/2 cup of bi-carbonate of soda, a cup of vinegar and 4 litres of boiling water. Pour this in small intervals down the open plug site to clean the entire drainage pipe. It may be that this method is ample to fix any small backup or build up of sink blockage. In this case, the blockage may clear and the rest of the water will drain away pretty quickly.

Good To Know – Sink Drains VS Bathtub Drains

Every drain follows a similar design. The drainpipe trap underneath most kitchen and bathroom sinks are shaped like a U – hence the “U-bend” terminology mentioned on our previous blog post. In bathtubs, the curvature of drainpipe is shaped like a letter “P”. The curve of this P is shaped as such to trap water in the drain pipe, mainly to prevent sewer-like odours travelling back up the drain pipe. Over time, slow running or low pressured water can mean that debris such as soap, oils or hair gets stuck in these curved traps, making the drainage partially or in some cases completely blocked.

Check whether your Bath has a drain stopper attached to the overflow. If this is the case, remove the overflow by unscrewing the plate gently at the same time. Once you can see what is causing the bathtub to block, no longer draining waste water effectively, try to take a closer look and with tweezers or pliers attempt to fish out as much debris as you can. A coat hanger (again) proves extremely useful, untwisted to reach down for visible blockages.

Taking the Plunge

The plumber’s helper, or, the humble ‘plunger’ will be the next advisable step in unblocking your bath. To do this effectively, put enough water in the bath to cover the bottom of the plunger to create a vacuum over the plug. Pushing steadily and gently, up and down, the pressure created will open up the pipe and clear any grime, hair or other unwanted residue. Repeat the process a few times and bask in your drain unblocking abilities.

Extra Tips to Prevent a Blocked Bath

Soap doesn’t immediately dissolve, it actually builds up over time in the ‘P-bend’ trap that drains away your bath water. To maintain good bathtub drainage – every few weeks – perhaps try to pour a kettle of boiling water, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar down the plug to break down any built up residue in the drainage pipes.

Another must-do tip for bathroom health – Use metal hair strainers over the plug-holes to collect all hair from going down the drain. This will really lengthen the life of your drains and prevent any inconvenient bathtub blockages.

Still No Joy?

If the bathtub blockage doesn’t seem to be clearing itself, and after multiple attempts of drainage testing, plunging, don’t lose hope. It’s more likely something a bit more serious is going on with your bathtub’s draining system. At this point, it’s probably easier and quicker for you to call our drainage experts to tackle the problem. They will soon locate any blockages and have your bathtub back up to its serene sanctuary status in no time.

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