Most blocked sinks can easily rectified and can be fixed by the novice, and even nervous, ‘Do-it-Yourself’, determined home owner.

Depending on the severity of the blockage, be prepped to soak up any drips, gushes or excess water/debris from the pipes you may need to clean. (in the event of U-Bend removal).

You will need:

  • Protective glasses and gloves
  • A dish cloth
  • Some baking soda and white vinegar
  • Some soda crystals
  • A washing-up bowl or a bucket
  • A plunger
  • A coat hanger
  • An old toothbrush or long thin implement to push out any gross debris
  • Some old towels to soak up any excess liquids/mess
  • A bucket

DISCLAIMER: When using strong, dangerous chemicals, please take necessary precautions when using these substances – make sure you use protective clothing, gloves and eyewear.

Simple Sink Pipe Cleaning – Flushing Method

  1. Use a large ladle to spoon out the excess water. If there is lots of water in the sink basin, remove it with a ladle and bucket until there is just enough to cover the the plug hole.
  2. Clean the immediate plughole – unscrew the plug itself and inspect it for foreign debris and grime.
  3. To decipher the seriousness of your blockage, first take a non-hazardous natural mixture of 1/2 cup of bi-carbonate of soda, a cup of vinegar and 4 litres of boiling water. Pour this in small intervals down the open plug site to clean the entire drainage pipe. It may be that this method is ample to fix any small backup or build up of sink blockage. In this case, the blockage may clear and the rest of the water will drain away pretty quickly.
  4. Taking the Plunge

    If there still seems to be a significant blockage, keep only the plughole covered in water to keep an airtight seal for the use of the next tool in your new set of drainage skill..

  5. Take the plunger and place it over the plughole, holding it down and airtight with a dish cloth.
  6. Although you have already flushed the system with a mixture of hot water and bicarbonate soda and vinegar, feel free to repeat this method again before gently and steadily pushing the plunger up and down repeatedly.
  7. Repeat this process as necessary, adding the same household chemical mixture, to attempt to flush the pipes through with added manual suction from the plunging method.
  8. For minor sink and plug blockages, this method should effectively solve and loosen any debris and dissolve grease without the use of harsh chemicals. If there is little to no improvement, it is possible that your blockage may be in the U bend section of your sink’s drainage.

U Bends

The Removal and Cleaning of a U-Bend Sink Blockage

  1. The removal and cleaning of the U-bend section of your sink waste pipe sounds far more daunting than it actually is, and will, in almost all cases, mean the drainage of your sink will be far more efficient.
  2. With gloves, take out everything under the kitchen sink as you may need to put a couple of towel and bucket below the U bend waste Pipe.
  3. Using a wrench or your hands undo the collar screw directly underneath the sink and catch the waste water below in you handily-placed bucket.

  4. TIP: Take pictures as you go so you know how to put everything you unscrew, back together!

  5. The U-bend can now be removed completely. Examine for any foreign objects, debris or build up of grease that has probably being causing your sink’s waste and drainage issues for quite some time. Remove and clean the U bend pipe using any long, slim or bendable objects, such as a coat hanger or toothbrush to really ensure a clean replacement.
  6. Replace the shiny, clean U-bend pipe firmly, and in the same way it was formerly attached, and run the tap to check for u-bend leaks (use a wrench to tighten the pipe collar), and, finally check that the sink is now draining way waste adequately.
  7. If this ‘U’ bend section of the pipe is not blocked, and nothing has improved, then the blockage is likely to be further down the pipe.

In the event that all your efforts haven’t solved the problem, do not fret; it is likely that the block is further down the pipe.

In this case it’s likely you’ll need an expert drainage engineer from 247Drainage to tackle the ongoing problem.

Reconnect the waste pipe as it was before, and/or give us a call for a free quotation and rapid call out

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